As we look at all the different groups comprising today's Earth population, there seems to be four distinct groupings possibly heading in four different directions.

The first group is comprised of all us born-again true-believing Christians anxiously awaiting the return of our Lord and Savior in the clouds to rapture and redeem us out of here away from all this death, destruction and now clearly certifiably insane radical liberals.

The second group is comprised of those who generally believe in God and His Son Jesus. But they still seem to be oblivious to all the Biblically prophesized end times signs now converging on the world. We can now add erupting volcanos all over the world to all the other signs, plus the intensifying threat of Muslims and Iran in particular ramping up total war maneuvers against Israel and their God and our God.

They are still looking to the 2024 Presidential election to elect rightful President Trump, now Senator Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, probably Ron DeSantis and any other conservative Republican who decides to run in order to bail us out of our political swamp-filled quagmire.

The third group is comprised of common every day folks who are just trying to economically survive from week to week and month to month and hope they can avoid all the political messes our leaderless and clueless government has created over the past two plus years.

The fourth group is comprised of the corrupt, unconscious radicals, socialists and elitists who clearly are trying to destroy the basic foundations of American Democracy, traditions and values, targeting our Middle Class and family structures (our innocent children) first and foremost.

They obviously could care less how they meet their goals of a one world government, economy, religion and artificial reality dominion and domination under antichrist and the false prophet.

It's all about them controlling the masses using fear tactics, digital money supply, artificial intelligent robots and computers, elicit mind-altering and often lethal drugs, our electrical power grid system, open borders and confiscation of our guns and ammo.

I firmly believe every American now living is having to decide which of these four groups they want to belong to in terms of their survival mode from all the current and potential catastrophes and chaos we're all experiencing or soon will in today's world.

The Bible makes it very clear in all its end times' prophecy passages and messages that only Jesus can rescue, redeem and separate His church of believers from the prophesized seven years of Tribulation hell on earth.

Scripture tells us to occupy, be sober and vigilant and know that when we see all these signs converging and intensifying like the birth pangs of a woman giving birth, look up, your redemption draweth nigh (Luke Ch. 21). Verse 36 clearly tells us not to fear God's wrath and judgments because the true church will soon be separated away from them.

If you're wanting to belong to the second group, you're believing America is going to somehow survive nearly two more years of the bumbling, fumbling, scandalous Biden Administration without any needed Divine intervention.

You think things can't possibly be as bad as they really are or maybe the mainstream media will finally start telling us the truth and conservative Republicans will actually start to fix everything that's ailing us with little or no Demoncrat opposition.

You probably still believe in fairy tales and Santa Claus!

Third group members are so locked into being entertained by watching sporting events, sitcoms and movies on their TV, cellphone and theater screens, they are clueless as to what's happening in the real world until maybe somebody breaks their windows or robs or shoots them on their neighborhood streets.

Fourth group members are unredeemable by God but are highly useful to Satan under complete control by Antichrist. They won't know what hit them when God's 21 Book of Revelation Judgments and the 10 plagues of Egypt return in full force like the violent and destructive hailstorms and flooding that have wreaked havoc all over the world so far in 2023.

The world seems to be experiencing the 23rd Psalm in 2023 with everyone walking or driving through the shadows of death everywhere you can see.

We all have to go through the storms of life. We have to still hold our heads up high like the song from the 1956 Rodgers & Hammerstein movie Carousel says to do so we can see the rays of sun and the light of the Son on the other side.

Faith, hope and love are all we have left when everything around us seems to be crashing like our economy if our government fails to reach a debt ceiling limit deal by June 1 and we go into government default mode.

So, come Lord Jesus come, As Princess Leia said in the first Star Wars movie, "You are our only hope."

Come to think of it, Obi Wan Kenobi was kind of like a savior of the Republic before he trained Luke Skywalker to replace him as he became a raptured spirit in "The Force."

Jedi Master Yoda was also very much needed to save the Republic after he began in a time long ago and far away as baby Grogu.

May "The Force" be with us. We can't wait much longer for it to arrive!