John DiGirolamo is a critically acclaimed author and speaker. “The Right Stuff” column has previously been featured in “Sangre De Cristo Sentinel” and the “Winter Park Times.” He is one of the most hated people in America. Why? He's white, male (always has been and always will be), straight, truck owning, middle age, self-employed, married, monogamous, pro-life conservative living in fly-over country, gun owning, law abiding, flag waving, church going Catholic Christian, who kneels before the cross and stands for the flag and anthem, and one who respects the police and the military and someone not on welfare.

John wrote the book “It's Not About the Sex” because he believes that human trafficking is one of the most underreported issues of our day, that cuts across all economic, social, racial and political boundaries. He focused on stories from rural and suburban America, seeking to shine a light on and create awareness of the evils of human trafficking.

DiGirolamo previously wrote “It's Not About the Badge,” a creative nonfiction book that profiles the human side of policing, featuring rural officers. After asking officers about a day on the job they would never forget, the book features compelling personal and professional stories of Chaffee County police officers.