Speaking as a proud Libertarian with no dog in this fight:

“But Grandpa, you've already had two near misses, one more and you could lose everything you care about. And that doesn't even count the damage you could do to everybody else.”

“Don't go trying to tell me what to do! I still know how to put you over my knee if I have to! And besides, I'm still better and more capable than most anybody else out there!”

“You may have been doing this since before I was born, but that was then, and this is now. Haven't you always told me to confront the situation as it really is instead of what you'd like it to be? You can get mad at me if you want, but I'm taking the car keys.” Sound familiar?

Biden may still be able to piece sentences together with enough time, rest and sufficient medication, but is that really enough to contend with Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Ali Khamenei, Kim Jong Un, Benjamin Netanyahu or Hamas in the real world?

What this really shows is how arrogant, obsessive and delusional he is that even in the face of the whole nation telling him, he's STILL desperately clinging to his enlightened, egotistical and elitist personae! Typical deceitocrat.

Sooner or later there comes a time when it's in EVERYBODY'S best interest and all that remains is getting Bumbling Biden to confront reality.

The good news is that while we all wait for Joe to see the light, the left is still fighting amongst themselves as they desperately cling to their power junkie fix. Time is on our side, but only to a point. We still have seven months until inauguration day and a lot can happen in the interim. Nonetheless, it's still a good thing!