Congressman Doug Lamborn, Ranking Member of the House Armed Service's Strategic Forces Subcommittee, recently sent a letter to Lieutenant General Richard Clark, Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, expressing his concerns regarding the increasing politicization of the education provided to cadets attending the U.S. Air Force Academy. Specifically, Congressman Lamborn is concerned with information included in the Diversity and Inclusion briefing that all USAFA cadets received at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic school year.

In the letter, Congressman Lamborn states, “I understand that in a Diversity and Inclusion briefing that all USAFA cadets received at the beginning of this school year, cadets were instructed to tell each other personal, confidential details about themselves and share their 'pronouns,' with briefers being instructed to encourage vulnerability 'for best effect.' Presumably the motivation behind these required briefings is to introduce the Academy's new minor in Diversity and Inclusion. It will cause some to question whether they even want to enter into a military that puts wokeism on par with traditional military training.”

Lamborn continues, “For seventy-five years, USAFA has successfully produced Airmen and Guardians that comprise the highest caliber of military officers. Propelled forward by the words passed down from Air and Space Force leadership, cadets can aspire to 'fly, fight and win' and remain 'always above.' These mission statements, formulated in consultation with of Airmen and Guardians, are intended to ensure that every service member sees and feels that they belong and are recognized.”

Congressman Lamborn concludes, “Lieutenant General, the purpose of your institution is to make our future Airmen and Guardians more lethal, not more politically correct. This is exactly the kind of woke virtue signaling that has undermined public confidence by millions of Americans in our Armed Forces. Military effectiveness depends on cohesion - not division. I ask that you seriously reconsider the military education you are conferring onto our future service members, and vigilantly protect those under your watch from being subjected to exaggerated diversity indoctrination and woke political agendas.”