The law was not meant to protect the state from the church, but it was there to protect the church from the State. No one seems to understand what, “WE THE PEOPLE” means. The government was established to serve the people, not the people serve the government.

When the government tries to take away the rights of the people then we must stand our ground. When the government violates all the moral principles of the bible, we must expose the ones responsible, whether an individual or a political party. We must take a stand both in the church and out of the church.

Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights was founded on biblical and moral principles. The reason the pilgrims came to America was because the government had taken over the Church of England and the people could no longer worship freely according to the Bible. Our government is doing the same think to us, WAKE UP AMERICA.

The four most important things in my life are my God, my family, my nation and my guns. The only reason I have the first three is because I have the fourth.

The only way they will get the fourth is when I run out of ammo or am lying dead on the ground. So if you communist, socialist, Muslim crybabies don't like it, saddle up your Democrat donkey and ride out of my nation.