You would be hard pressed to find a mom, in America who didn't feel her breath catch in her throat as she watched unable to reach out as that courageous young man/child stood alone to face the jury; 12 men and women who literally held Kyles fate in their hands. There was a collective sigh of relief as the not guilty verdict was read, justice had prevailed. The world was once again rotating properly on its axis.

Thanks to the magic of television all of America was finally able to watch the horrifying truth as it played out on that Kenosha, Wis., street. A young boy, just 17-years-old ran for his life being pursued by a murderous mob. A mob that had told Kyle Rittenhouse they would kill him, a mob that seemed intent on doing just that. Our creative media was busy doing what it always does, spreading lies and misinformation. None other than Biden was backing them up. He called Mr. Rittenhouse a white supremacist trying to infuse race into what was already a tragic event. Biden if you are really so confused, just look into the mirror. After all you were the young protégé of one Senator Robert Byrd. The man who didn't think blacks should be allowed to drink from the same water fountain as whites, and the man who feared his children would go to school in a racial jungle… whoops, my bad, that wasn't Byrd that was you, wasn't it Joe? And if memory serves and it does, Biden weren't you the one who said, when describing former President Obama that he was the first clean articulate black man. Well, we shouldn't be too hard on Biden after all he probably feared those little second-class black children would steal Hunter's 'coke' supply.

Wake up America! Is this really the man and we use the term loosely, you want to lead our country into history? Those of you who are too young to remember the Byrd era, use your computer skills, research the time period. It is worth the read. The winds of change are beginning to blow the election was the start as mama and papa bears took their children back. The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was truly a great win. Kyle was able to walk out of the courthouse a free man, but we all know his life will never be the same. The entire incident should never have taken place. If we had maintained law and order in our cities, not given into the woke defund police nonsense a young boy like Kyle would not have to carry a gun for safety.

Thanksgiving is going to be a special day of thanks for so many patriotic freedom loving people this year. However, we must bear in mind, this is no time for coasting. This will be a hotly contested election day, 2022. Take nothing for granted, our opponents do not need to play by our rules of moral rights and wrongs they can and will skew the playing field so we must stand strong and push back with everything we have. Republican Caucus Day is on the horizon, we need to stand together and support our delegates. Ron Hanks will be running for U.S. Senate, and he needs and deserves your support. Mr. Hanks is a true Crusader who has shown that he has the backbone to stand for right. Now we must show him that we have the backbone to stand for him and Colorado. Check your calendar and make this a priority; see you there.

“Those who walk with God Always reach their destination.”