You all know exactly of what I speak when I say that the majority of our elected leaders are just plain stupid… or evil, or some combination of both to continue doing what they are doing. Our great country, a bastion of light for more than 245 years is under attack from all fronts, foreign and domestic.

Why does idiot scummacrat/commie Joe Biden keep compounding his stupid policies with even more stupid policies? Why do democrats feel the need to vote for people and things that weaken the country that they live in? That is like setting your house on fire and then ordering a pizza to watch the football game while your house is burning down around you!

Gas prices continue to rise; our economy is staggering and prices and inflation are up on every single aspect of our everyday lives, and that idiot Biden just blew another cool trillion dollars on another one of his worthless social engineering bills called the infrastructure bill. Even 10 of his own democrats voted no on that piece of garbage but of course, 13 turncoat phony pretend republican morons voted yes and helped the commies get this rammed down our throats and up our you know whats anyway.

Wow, what is wrong with these people? Goodness do we need a change in every aspect of our society while we still can, even if we can put the brakes on any of this anymore which is a shaky proposition these days.

Poor Kyle Rittenhouse, the then 17-year old boy who used his AR15 rifle to defend his life against an angry Burn Loot Murder BLM mob who was beating him with skateboards and trying to kill him. That good phony scumbag social justice warrior democrat DA has pulled every dirty underhanded evil trick he could pull trying to railroad poor Kyle Rittenhouse in the course of this trial.

That DA has lied repeatedly, violating Kyle's constitutional rights on several occasions to the extent that Judge Schroeder had to make the jury leave the court room so he could yell at that idiot prosecutor. This is what we get when we are under social justice warrior prosecutors who don't care what the law is, and do not act like honorable people. Fortunately, we got rid of our last social justice warrior DA when we got Republican, and Conservative Linda Stanley elected as our District Attorney of JD 11, covering Fremont, Custer, Park and Chaffee counties. She knows who the bad guys actually are.

Kyle Rittenhouse only defended himself with lethal force when the angry mob had knocked him to the ground, all of which is on multiple videos. All three of the scumbags he lit up were in fact scumbags, one of which was a convicted pedophile who just also happened to be carrying a Glock 9mm handgun as a convicted felon! Yep, you are correct; he was never charged or prosecuted with anything because of his role in this mob riot. That seems to be a thing with democrat DAs these days. If you happen to be a pedophile or some other type of degenerate weirdo, you get a pass or four years of unsupervised probation for child molesting, lol!

Other equally disturbing news, our current commie Joe Biden, when he isn't asleep at the switch or f**ting has said he intends to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty once again. Following in the footsteps of his sugar daddy Obama, Biden wants to do away with our 2nd Amendment protections by putting the sovereignty of the United States under the control of the United Nations. Are you kidding me? The UN can't even deliver water reliably, and they are a bunch of fat cat commie idiots who all get a check from the U.S. government out of OUR tax dollars to do absolutely nothing of value!

Under the last great democrat disaster regime of Obama, the U.S. Senate refused to ratify this evil and dangerous treaty, THANK GOD and the measure failed by four votes. Of course, both of the stupid spineless democrat senators from Colorado gleefully back the measure. In 2019, President Trump UNSIGNED this piece of trash and notified the UN that he would never allow them to be in charge of small arms in the United States of America.

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