Scripture tells us “If you live according to my teaching, you are truly my disciples; then you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Confusion, division and distrust come when those who hate God and deny his Lordship attain power and seek to crush those who disagree with their ideology that Government or the State should rule us like gods. Without God's love, mercy and forgiveness men become barbarians wielding power and force to either control us or torture, terrorize and kill all who oppose their cruel agenda. We are witnessing these acts of carnage now as terrorists are allowed to roam the streets burning, looting and killing or crippling those in their path. The Regime who usurped power already has many political prisoners including about 400 who marched to protest the false installment of an illegitimate “President.” We are hearing horror stories about how these people are treated such as being forced to wear masks all day even though they are isolated in solitary confinement! I heard a man who got out tell of terrible conditions where cold air was blown on him constantly. He was isolated, treated badly and could hear screams of pain and anguish coming from others. He called it hell. YES, in America!

We saw a documentary about the Chinese Dictator called Mao who was so feared for his ruthless, bloodthirsty tactics, and how he seemed to enjoy watching people suffer in agony during some of the worst tortures known to man. The youth were taught to hate and murder their own teachers. The most intelligent professionals were killed so those likely to question the “dear leader” would be gone. In Mao's final two years of life, his pitiful speech could not be understood if he could speak at all. After he died, the fear of him was so great his portrait still hangs on walls all over. All dictators will face judgment one day. Whether they believe in God or not won't change truth.

I understand why people live with so much confusion and even animosity toward others. They have been fed lies about current events, diseases, health care, shots, masks and more. Did you know that the pushers of the jab even changed the meaning of the word “vaccine” to accommodate the experimental kill shot they want to force on everyone? They now include little children. Did you know that their gene therapy contains ingredients so dangerous that it's now called murder and demands are made to stop it immediately? The medical treatment called Remdesiver was known in trials to kill about 30 percent of those who got it. It causes kidney failure, fluids build up in lungs and people die painful deaths. Still this was the treatment medical personnel were told to use as they would get paid more for using it. I believe it was 20 percent more. Results were predictable. Those who have lost loved ones this way should be outraged. As for the mask mandates, it's time to be clear about the pathogens found on children's masks after hours of wearing. I read a report in which a lab found pathogens that cause things like pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis, encephalitis, staphylococcus, streptococcus and much more. Are you OK with your children being forced to wear masks which allow contaminants to grow, make them sick and affect their ability to think and learn? Keep in mind that every time they touch or remove the mask they spread more pathogens. When masks are touched or removed, hung from ears, wrists or put in pockets they are further contaminated and can affect others. Some people now understand that the shots give the disease and spike proteins create variants which they spread to others by breath or skin contact.

Why do you think that places like Israel and Gibraltar which vigorously pushed for inoculations now have hospitals full of “vaccinated” people? They did not get sick from the un-vaccinated who are not sick, They got it from each other. Until people understand what is really happening, they will never be set free because they are not hearing the truth. Good doctors and other medical personnel who tell the truth are silenced, censored or even killed. Do you hear any of that on the lame stream media? I doubt it. When this reign of terror ends, I hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, we must continue to pray for truth to prevail and God to give us strength to stand up and help each other win the war between good and evil.