Those of us who observed Thanksgiving by giving special thanks to God for all His blessings in our lives and our attitude is truly gratified and grateful for those blessings should now start to look up, for our redemption draweth nigh!

But those who just looked upon Thanksgiving as another holiday, as time off from work and only looked forward to "Black Friday" as a day of shopping, sales and discounts, I think are missing God's ship as it begins to sail out to sea in tranquil waters.

Life is all about making choices on which boat we want to sail on -- a row boat, a fishing vessel or the Titanic.

If we have the stamina and the right oars to guide us, God will row our boats to the right shore.

If we use our boats to go fishing and have faith that Jesus will cast our nets in the right spot as the fisher of men to catch more than our quota of fish, we are also headed in the right direction.

But if we opt to sail on a luxury liner with all its opulent amenities of everything our riches can buy, look out for the hidden icebergs along the route.

Some of us will still survive a sinking ship, some of us will drown, some of us will sacrifice our lives to save others and some of us will grab hold of a floating life raft to be saved to live another day.

I think God is using all of these metaphors and symbolisms to show all of us that all of the end times signs we see in today's world should give us thought on which boat or ship we want to be on --the slow but sure row boat, the fishing expedition boat or a Titanic ocean liner where we're going to sink, swim, save others or hope others will save us with a life saver.

I think God is telling all of us that time is running out and our world as we know it is out of time.

Do we sink in our sins or do we get saved by Jesus Christ's lifeboat because we followed His instructions on which side of the boat to cast our nets?

Peter set the example for us when he started to walk on water toward Christ beckoning him to do so.

But when he became distracted by one of Satan's storms, he began to sink in the water.

Jesus still saved Peter even knowing he would later deny him three times.

Peter still became one of the greatest prophets and apostles and was the first to recognize Jesus as the Son of God, the Christ.

I think all of us believers are ready to set sail with Jesus on his rescue and redemption boat.

We will be his oars and he will be our anchor.

Our destination: Heaven or heaven on earth as God has promised us.

How soon we get there depends on which boat we take and who we name as our ship's captain. Who is your boat's captain?