From the Rogue Regime in Washington, we've been handed a dark, sticky, smelly, gooey mess that permeates every aspect of our lives. How can we avoid it? It gets us at the gas pump, grocery store, our utilities, our relationships, educational institutions, health care, travel, social life and more. We would hope that churches would provide a sanctuary of safety, peace, faith and trust in God, but fear and uncertainty have infiltrated there too. I find it hard to believe that Fauci and his Global elite ghouls and communist aggressors have not been arrested and in prison for crimes against humanity, treason and insurrection. When you look at Hunter Biden's criminal activity with Ukraine using his Dad's political power and influence, it's infuriating to see him still free to do even more damage to this country. Imagine if President Trump's sons would have engaged in such treasonous activity! The lame stream media would have been screaming the headlines until hell froze over. As it is, real crimes are covered up and fake narratives are created out of thin air to terrorize honest people who simply want to fight tyranny or tell the truth to save lives. Biden's latest crime of selling our oil reserves to our enemies was discovered, so he now says he was releasing it to help the American people. How many crimes has the media covered for these criminals? I don't doubt that Biden's closing of Keystone Pipeline was to pay back our enemies for Hunter and Burisma's crimes. Communists made a good investment on that deal.

Looking back, any reasonable person knows the election was stolen. I was a bit surprised that the election in Virginia went as it did. I was concerned that the Democrats would “find” thousands of ballots somewhere to overturn it. They likely knew they would not get by with it this time as they were being closely watched. If elections are fair, Republicans win big time.

The Secretary of Energy was asked what could be done to lower oil prices, and she just laughed out loud and made a foolish, useless statement. Most people don't think it's funny when it costs them 20 to 25 dollars more to fill their tank. A simple answer to that question would be to open the Keystone Pipeline and reverse the first week of Biden's “executive” orders.

I believe true freedom could be defined as there is nothing between you and your Creator. Remember the days when we didn't have the dark cloud of communism hanging over us or government encroaching on every part of our lives? Things like wearing masks, forced inoculations combined with threats to our lives of isolation, torture or terror are more than many people can withstand.

It helps to take a drive in the mountains and see the beauty of God's creation all around us. As we thank Him for his gifts, our faith is renewed and we recall that this country was founded on solid Christian principles. If the people of God unite and resist the powers of darkness, it will help this nation return to God. He may again bless us and restore what we have lost. Those who have opposed and cursed God will pay a heavy price. Right now, I believe God is calling everyone back to Him. Scripture says some will curse God and be obstinate to the end. That is their sad choice.

Darrel Brooks, the man who maimed and killed people in the Christmas parade in Wisconsin, had a very long criminal record. He should have still been in prison, but because of corrupt Democrat Party's criminal justice system backed by George Soros and others, chaos reigns. We were told that Soros had a hand in getting 125 district attorneys into power. Do you wonder why we see so much injustice in the system? All this leaves little doubt that the Democrat Party OWNS the chaos and deaths in Wisconsin. They also own blame and shame for the present suffering of Americans as they try to overcome higher prices, border crises effects, isolation, business failures, abused children, deaths and much more.

We must understand that we are in a war with forces of evil that want our destruction, condemnation and death. They have used demonic tricks and deception to separate us, isolate us and kill us. Many have died with more to follow if we do not wake up and fight back UNITED in prayer to defeat them.

“The wicked man flees although no one pursues him; but the just man, like a lion, feels sure of himself” (Proverbs 28:1.)