America and the world we now live in are in such dire straits because we have all let the devil have his way with us and his sway by not recognizing him when he comes knocking on our doors every day.

The best and maybe the only way to beat the devil and his kingdom of evil is to use the knowledge of evil found in God's Word to destroy his world of artificial reality and instant gratification.

The Holy Spirit gave me a Revelation back in November 1980 that we all can and should use God's Word to separate ourselves from the world just as Jesus said to do when He overcame the world and took the keys of Satan's kingdom away from him through His resurrection from the dead.

Once we have overcome the world with the Word by totally submitting ourselves to God and resisting the devil, he then has to flee (James 4-7).

The devil's playbook is quite simple and one he has used since he beguiled Adam and Eve in the Garden to take dominion over the world as the father of lies now fully embellished by most of the world's brainwashed Demoncrats, tyrants and power mongers.

To wit:

Create problems and roadblocks where none previously existed.

Get dumbed-down idiots to throw as much money as possible at those problems (including America's taxpayers who don't know how their gifts are being used) and to blindly trust our now corrupt government to use all that cash wisely.

If that plan hits opposition by the good guys (Christians and conservative Republicans), blame them for the problems you created and attack them for what you are guilty of.

The blame game will work until enough actual truth surfaces to expose all their diabolical plans to control our country and the world with a one world government, economy, currency, religion and methods of buying and selling (Revelation 13).

It's now obvious that God Almighty is on the move big time to expose all the devil's playbook plans to bring the world into a beast-antichrist system of dominion-domination.

He will try to do that through electronics and digital everything that seeks to create something out of nothing, i.e. the proposed digital dollar that Satan puppet bumbling Biden has already signed into law despite no Constitutional authority to do so.

He will use artificial intelligence and our computers and smart phones to control all our actions through the push of proper instant gratification buttons.

God began to reveal to me exactly how the devil operates and manifests through demonic symbolism and Jesus many Biblical parables explained in the four Gospels the very week after I was born again spiritually on Dec. 26, 1977.

God through the Holy Spirit indwelling in me has been feeding me spiritual revelations to understand all the Bible's mysteries and secrets in those 46+ years since my spiritual conversion.

The Holy Spirit indwells us to lead us into all of God's truths. So the greatest spiritual gift God can give any of us in our warfare against our adversary the (devil), is the knowledge and wisdom on how to recognize all his manifestations so we can neutralize, nullify and overcome them with the Word.

We do it with the name above all names, Jesus Christ, who overcame the world, the flesh and the devil for all our past, present and future sins and sinners if we just confess those sins and acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior by inviting Him into our hearts.

God has promised to soon separate all true believers in His Church and protect us in His sanctuary barn-arks as He did with Noah and his family. We just have to board those arks before the beast system is fully implemented.

Like all those truckers who are converging on the Texas border to take a stand against government corruption and tyranny to ensure our Constitutional freedoms, I believe God will do His part only after we do our part to recognize and destroy evil for what and where it is.

The Scriptures all point to good overcoming evil every time in every situation. But God will only act on our behalf after we have recognized all our false idols, false gods, our enemies and their deceptions.

If we don't learn to control them, their plan is to totally control us through every diabolical plan the devil has ever devised to destroy God's greatest creation -- mankind in God's image (Genesis 1-25-27).

So let's all tell those puppet masters trying to control the world through electric cars, digital dollars and artificial everything to go to hell where they belong.

God won't separate the Red Sea states from the singing the blues states and lead us into His renewed-restored Promised Land and Garden of Eden until we've all kicked the devil's cans out of our lives and into oblivion.

So put on your boots and let's start kicking before it's too late. Our boots were created to walk with God into Paradise, not down the path that leads straight into the devil's lake of fire.