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Crusader Mission Statement

This ‘Fremont County Crusader’ Mission Statement is used as the guide in selecting the information that will be put on the website.

The Crusader is committed to providing local news, informational and educational observations on current, Local, State and National events; and to present Constitutional viewpoints to Fremont County and surrounding communities.

The Crusader will reflect Pride in our Students, Schools, Families, Religions, Veterans, Military, Local Police, Farmers, Ranchers, Citizens and Business Owners. Within our community we particularly look for opportunities to highlight positive stories of people supporting different aspects of our community. These are free citizens and organizations that are working together to help one another in our community. There are a lot of local citizens that need to be recognized for good things that they are doing.

The intent of this focus on community is to inspire Americans to recover our country’s greatness on a local level and to hold fast our belief in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our freedom is a gift from God, not granted to us by politicians or governments. Freedom demands responsible behavior of all, consistent with the truths expressed in the great moral and governing guides such as The Ten Commandments, The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights. These principles guided our founding fathers and are still relevant. These principles will guide our reporting and are the foundation of our views.

But, what does it mean to support the Constitution? When the Constitution was created there were people outside the open windows listening to the arguments. They realized that this document was something totally new in history. They knew that the history of republics at that point in time was that they did not last very long. When the signers were leaving Independence Hall, the listeners outside asked questions related to “what is it going to take to keep this Constitution?” There were several versions of the same four answers. Those answers are the four pillars to the Constitution.

The focus to support the Constitution will be based on supporting the four pillars that our founding fathers said were essential for maintaining our constitutional republic.

The 4-Pillars are:

1. MILITARY. We need the best or we will be over run. Keep the faith. We are OK for now. However, our military will need continued support to remain the best.

2. LEGAL. We are ALL EQUAL UNDER THE LAW. This is the extent of our democracy. Everything else is our freedom. Our democracy does not entitle you to get free stuff from the government because of your heritage or where you were born. If you want something, realize that you are free to go get a job and work for it. This pillar continually needs support for Equal Justice for All.

3. EDUCATION (a family responsibility, not government) learn the basics reading, writing, arithmetic, along with learning job skills so you can get a good job. Education should also develop every students’ Critical Thinking. Critical Thinking teaches how to handle problems, asking and answering questions in a positive way to get the best results. This process does not involve “Here is the question; here is the answer.” - “Here is the question; here is the answer.” It involves questioning what is right vs. wrong about a subject. Then learning how to ask questions in a positive manner about what is being learned that will lead to the truth and resulting accurate conclusions.

Finally, 4. RELIGION. The religious aspect needed in government is the moral judgement of what is right and wrong and what is either good or bad. Laws are limited. The Bible teaches faith that guides our judgement. This judgment impacts all three of the other pillars. Religion is not to run a government and government will not dictate our religion.

The past few generations we have seen an erosion of these pillars by various groups, organizations and individuals creating problems for “We the People.” The intent of publishing this news is to provide stories with guidance to identify the root cause of these problems and suggest ways to deal with them.

These concepts of a sense of community combined with supporting the pillars to the Constitution are what guide us to the selection of stories. We will not be constrained by the illogical, misleading and inaccurate thinking and the use of “political correctness.” We will be guided by truth, facts, logic, common sense and the good faith from the Bible.