Sounds like Ed Norton was having a dementia moment while eating ice-cream at the country club or maybe a case of TDS.

Failed leadership in the current COGOP? Maybe under his watch, but before Dave Williams picked up the reins.

The COGOP has actual focus now and has raised money without depending on the Denver billionaires (Phil Anschutz and Kent Thiry) who want to change Colorado with their money.

Dave Williams leadership is pressing the lawsuit so the Republican Party could close its primary to outsiders.

Dave Williams got a resolution passed in the State Assembly that the Republican Party primaries should be closed. The Assembly directed the State Exec Committee to move forward in this process.

Some in the state executive committee who were against the resolution expressed dissatisfaction when Dave Williams reinforced to those present that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of the Colorado Republican Party, and not the committee. The state committee takes orders from us.

It was terrible legislation in 2016 which created Proposition 107 & 108. These opened the primaries and required a 75 percent vote of the respective party state executive committees to escape this foolish plan. As I said, terrible legislation that Republicans let walk through in the Colorado Senate. It created a process where the entire committee (500-400 people depending on number of bonus members and such) had to reach a Yes/Yea vote threshold of 75 percent of the Yea/Yes votes. 75 percent of the total number in the state committee. The no votes, of course, included those in attendance, and all those not in attendance. If you couldn't get to the meeting, by law, it automatically counted as a NO vote. A 35 percent vote of this atrocious counting method (actual votes and those unable to attend) held the party hostage to the open primary system.

Dave Williams is working for the goal of Republicans voting for Republicans. Being able to pick our own leaders. As we did before 2016.

Dave presented a resolution at the State Assembly, which was passed by a huge margin, where the party could support a primary candidate if they were the only one who won at the State Assembly. Lauren Boebert did just that in CD4. 40 percent of the vote and the others couldn°«t make 30 percent. So backing Boebert for CD4 is totally logical and legit. Quit whining Ed.

Dave Williams filed suit against the Colorado RINOs, and Secretary of State who were attempting to kick President Trump off the ballot.

Dave established a separate and dedicated account so people knew and could see that money going to the defense of Trump. In case you forgot, RINOs and democrats got stomped with a 9/0 vote at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dave Williams and his executive staff have rallied forces against the numerous assaults on the 2nd Amendment in Colorado.

The RINOS wail that we need to allow the independents to have a say in the Republican Party as we are decreasing. What cowards. Stand for the social norms and values which made this Nation great!

Haven't they seen in the last state presidential primaries (NH, SC for examples) where it is documented how large numbers of democrats changed to unaffiliated so they could vote for Nikki Haley and against President Trump?

Open primaries, and the farce it brings people into the party is a lie to dilute the party to nothing. No different than adding water to milk. After a while all you have is water.

Those country club RINOs are always whining when you have street fighters doing the work for the American people.

He and his type, RINO establishment, have spent the last 30 years compromising and being nice while letting the state becomes a sh**thole.

Letting or helping the billionaires in Denver turn our state into a place, not of values and standards, but one which is easy for them to do business.

Ed discusses a resolution he presented at the county caucus for consideration to send to the county assembly.

The resolution he presented was against the Chairman of the COGOP, Dave Williams. Sounded like a court charge sheet.

I had been re-elected as one of the Precinct Chairs for Precinct #8. Tim Payne and Greg Carlson (Chair for the Caucus) seemed to be supporting the resolution. I asked where the resolution came from. It wasn't from our Precinct, so I was curious who was making it. Greg just kept saying it was handed to him by someone. I asked where the proof of these charges was. Without proof, and made of personal opinion/conjecture, these were just politically motivated allegations. This resolution and those who supported it wanted to remove Dave Williams as COGOP chair on mere allegations/difference of opinion (political mud). They admitted they were only allegations, and they didn't have any proof, but they still voted for the resolution

Establishment trying to get rid of actual Conservative Republicans. Business as usual.

It went to a vote, and I counted five out of everyone on both sides of one of those school lunch tables, and those around it, who voted for the resolution. It was handily voted down.

Maybe it was because Dave Williams won the Chairmanship of the Colorado Republican party and tossed out the corrupt RINO establishment administration.

Maybe it is because the current executive committee voted to move forward on the financial criminal and civil charges of those who °»misappropriated°… money from the party. That could be a letter in itself.

Many situations like that didn°«t seem to bother you at all before the change.

Let°«s not forget the 100s of thousands of dollars paid to consultants, like Wadhams (great article in the Denver Post about that), which only resulted in heavy losses to the party.

Not sure if Dave Williams can be considered a consultant, but he sure got smeared in the last Colorado Springs Mayor election. One of those Peak Republican boys.

How about when Ken Buck was the Chair of the COGOP while actually in Congress, crowing about not taking the salary but then paid two other people to do his job for him.

Remember Bob Beauprez's Colorado Pioneer Action Committee? He got spanked by the Judge, and the same bad guys are going after Dave Williams.

Probably another one of your buddies Mike Lynch, Was the leader of the minority in the House. Said he was a conservative but acted like a feather duster against the dems. A video came out a year after he was stopped for DUI. Passed the State Trooper going 100 mph. Rank has its privileges? Democrats help keep that contact video under wraps? In my opinion, I observed an attempt to use his office to get out of the situation.

Hiding that occurrence for a year knowing he would lose his position. Then he doesn°«t make the primary ballot in CD4 through the assembly. Maybe a cause of Ed°«s angst?

Lot of people you might have associated with that had issues, real issues you had no problem with? Could go on, but it shows the pattern.

OH, and then there is the issue of a conflict of interest, Ed, are you still mad about your Peak Republican buddies, who tried to take over the El Paso county Republican party, and got spanked hard at the last couple of county assemblies?

Let us look at some facts. The Colorado Sun reporter Ed is pining about Sandra Fish. In my opinion and many others, The Sun is a biased rag. Many must have agreed because they applauded when she got booted out of the Assembly. The State Assembly is a private event, and all news people had to be credentialed and allowed in. Why allow a minion of the left into a Republican event that is pure RINO thinking there. Oh yeah, RINOs like to virtue signal on such things.

Where did Fish misappropriate the badge/pass she was wearing? Who gave it to her? A professional journalist?

Let us look at a couple other facts. I am betting that nobody who matters in Congressional District 4 gives a wit about what you think.

First Congresswoman Lauren Boebert petitioned onto the primary ballot as many others did, but she also went through the Assembly process to be with the people.

CD4 voted for her, a 40 percent vote. Nobody else made the 30 percent cut, and so are not on the primary ballot by the Assembly process.

Nobody in that 40 percent cared what you think Ed. Betting she will win the Primary. How is Mike Lynch doing in his CD4 campaign?

Congressman Boebert, a true conservative, has been fully endorsed by President Trump.

Let us look at Congressional District 5, Ed.

How about that, Dave Williams took something like 70 percent in the CD5 State Assembly.

Bet they don°«t care about what you say, and I bet they have a much better understanding of what was going on with the politics in CD5.

COGOP Chairman Dave Williams has the full endorsement of President Trump.

What I find ridiculous are these Republicans who call themselves Conservatives but are just professional politicians.

Conservatives fight for the working man and woman, not for the donating billionaires.

Conservatives don°«t endorse people who believe in open abortion status in the state, like many did with O°«Dea.

Conservatives don't support those who get on the primary ballot by petition and try to be sneaky about it like Anderson. The same Anderson family that is trying to remove Trump from the ballot. Interesting.

Conservatives believe in America First, and don°«t support billionaire funded organizations like Americans for Posterity (a Koch organization) which likes open borders and hates President Trump. Jeff Crank is AFP.

Conservatives believe in:

Individual freedom.
Right to and protection of private property.
Limited government.
The Constitution as written, and not bureaucrats.
The rule of constitutional laws.
Legal Immigration at set levels and needs. Closed and secured borders.
Peace through strength, not social engineering.
Not supporting Marxist indoctrination of students, gender mutilation, boys in the girls°« bathrooms and showers, or on girls°« teams where they hurt and injure the girls. Not dealing with the base mental health issues.
Fiscal responsibility, nothing spent for social engineering.
Not supporting the WHO and their draconian unscientific dictates.
Opposing the UN tyranny with their gun control and Agenda 2021, 2030 and 2050 population control plans.
Not compromising with left wing Marxists who want virtue signaling to shift social norms and normalize debauchery and evil.