All of us true believers & longtime Bible prophecy students have been asking the same question this week.

How, what, where, when and why will Israel, the Apple of God's Eye, retaliate against its nemesis enemy Iran?

We all know why Israel is going to retaliate. To hell with whatever Bumbling Biden and his cohorts in crime tell them to do.

Israel will listen to God's counseling and directions, not that of complete fools.

Even though Israel's miraculous Iron Dome defense system reportedly intercepted and destroyed 99 percent of all those Iranian missiles and drones that wound up doing little damage or loss of human life, Israel now has to take Iran's declaration of war on to Iranian soil with a pre-emptive strike at Iran's heart while cutting off the serpent's head!

Since Iran is mentioned prominently in Bible prophecy as ancient Persia, we can safely predict the end results of total destruction and annihilation of the Great Satan.

Ezekiel 38-39 and Psalm 83 accurately describe Iran's fate and of those countries aligned with its satanic ayatollahs and mullahs.

Make no mistake about it. This is a war of attrition between God Almighty and Satan the devil.

It's a spiritual battle between God's Bible and Satan's Koran. It's Ephesians 6-12 come to life!

We all know that God never loses and Satan never wins.

That's because God's Word says so. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ensured that victory by dying on the cross for all our sins, taking the keys of the kingdom away from Satan and resurrecting His Truth over the devil's lies and deceptions.

We can all pretty well predict how Israel is going to retaliate against Iran with Jeremiah 49, verses 34-39 describing its course of action.

I believe Israel will first send its fighter jets to bomb and totally destroy Iran's Beshoar nuclear plant on its West Coast bordering the Persian Gulf known as Elam.

That plant also sits stop a major fault line that could trigger a huge earthquake if the plant blows up.

Iran is crisscrossed with fault lines and fissures that have erupted into huge earthquakes throughout its history, causing the loss of many thousands of lives.

Israel's jet fighters will likely target Iran's other nuclear plants and its missile and drone launching sites, just as they have done with Hamas and Hezbollah idiots who tried to mess with Defender God.

All end times signs seem to be converging all at once this month as I have written in my most recent columns.

In summation as a 40-years plus student of all Bible prophecies, I firmly believe that by the end of April we truth believers will see God

complete and recreate His perfect plan of redemption for mankind.

We will see the perfect blending of Jew and Gentile born-again believers and their historic calendars.

We should also see the revealing of the political Muslim antichrist and his false religious prophet, the arrival of our Redeemer and the separation of God's Kingdom come from Satan's seven years of trials and tribulation, death and destruction, artificial reality and instant gratification.

If I am correct in all my Biblical interpretations, the following April dates should be very significant in their interpretations.

This Saturday, April 20, Satan and Hitler's birthday, Tuesday, April 23 when Israel and the Jews celebrate Passover, Friday, April 26, the 117th day of 2024 since the number 17 is God's symbolic number for total victory, (Q is 17th letter of our alphabet) and April 30, when Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun committed suicide in a Berlin bunker.

At least that's what history tells us.

Will that day be our Wedding Feast of the Lamb's Bride, His Church, in Heaven?

Stay tuned for further developments!