The Concerned Citizens group of Florence announce they will be holding a series of three debates for the new candidates running for city council.

Spokesperson Roger Duncan says “Gone are the days when a candidate can run just because they want to help the city. We believe all candidates running truly want to see this city improved but we need 'Qualified' individuals in office that know how to run a business, can understand financials, can balance city's social needs with realistic budgets to improve quality of life for our citizens, can help write and work on the thousands of grants available to the city for improvements, direct the City on matters of HR and so on.”

The goal of these debates is to make sure we determine if the individuals running have those skills and then report back to the citizens through a ranking system on how well they are qualified.

The first debate will be held on June 1, the second on June 29, and the third on July 13. The debates will be held at 5:30 at the Rialto Theatre. After each debate, we will publish a summary of the debate and we will mail out to all registered voters in the City of Florence the results of these debates and how each candidate did. If you wish to submit questions for the candidates for this debate, please send them to

You must be a registered voter in Florence for your questions to be considered. Also any questions asked from “Anonymous” will not be presented to candidates. When submitting questions, please list your full name and Ward so that we may direct questions to the appropriate candidate(s).