I heard that there were a number of arrests in October of some bad characters who were doing great harm to this country and its citizens. I believe some shocking revelations will come out as the chorus of canaries sing tunes that have been hidden in dark places. Many of us wondered where John Durham was, and it looks like he had some wicked opposition along the way, and much to overcome. Satan has never made good choices, and his followers fall for the same deceptions. Imagine being given a glorious existence and all the joys of heaven and God's eternal love and beauty, but choosing to rebel and reject it all! Jesus said “I watched Satan fall from the sky like lightning”(Luke 10:18.)

From the time of his fall, Satan has tried to rise above God with all sorts of pitiful substitutions for God's beautiful creation, and he's failed at everything. When we see the current state of this nation, we are looking at the tragic results of demonic manipulation causing division, chaos, hate, disease and death. Even as bodies pile up, Satan's minions refuse to back down or admit what they've done. Many times I've heard people say that Biden is clueless or doesn't understand what he's doing or the party in power doesn't realize how they are harming the country. I think they know exactly what they're doing, but have a diabolical agenda in mind. A large part of that agenda is to commit genocide here and worldwide. Their goal for decades has been to reduce populations. Sadly, they have succeeded to some degree and “useful idiots” as they like to call the people they deceive, are of great assistance either through ignorance or agreement with their sinister goals. When the truth is revealed, there will be many who will be held accountable for the misery and death they have helped cause by coercion, threats, intimidation, bullying or injecting toxins into victims without their informed consent. Biden is called crazy, demented and senile as though that may excuse his evil behavior, but he has been a willing vessel for decades using his political positions to enrich himself at taxpayer expense and betray the country at the same time. What's he being used for now? If anyone tells me they're satisfied with the state of this country, I'd ask if they've been asleep the past 10 months. How can we forget the video where Biden is bragging that he had a prosecutor fired who was investigating his criminal activities? Now, he wants to shut down a pipeline here and help open one in a foreign country. Do you suppose more payback?

More atrocities have happened since O'Biden/Harris disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Nine- year-old girls are being sold to old men. They call it marriage! The consequences of all the terrible policies of this installed regime can't even be known, but the regime's support of crimes on the border, drug and sex trafficking and Cartel operations add up to more crimes against humanity. Biden is a big supporter of child killing and making you pay for it.

It seems there's a new religion called “Wokeness” and an attempt to replace God's laws and guidance. This “religion” is scary because there is only judgment and accusations, but no forgiveness. Here's a question for them: Who decides what is right or wrong, good or bad without a moral code of conduct? We've had plenty of opportunities to see their kind of “justice.” They couldn't live under their own “rules.” It's just another diabolical way to destroy life and especially eternal life. After they destroy everything, what can they build on? They have nothing to offer, but death here and hereafter. How long will it take before the scandal of Biden and Pelosi's stand on church moral issues is dealt with? God's laws do not change for corrupt politicians! I'm grateful for true spiritual leadership.

“We can never accept a separation of our religious faith and moral convictions from our public ministries or our political engagement. It's impossible. And even trying to do so is evil because it forces us to live two different lives, worshiping God at home and in our churches, and worshiping the latest version of Caesar everywhere else.” Charles J. Chaput, OFM Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Please reject being led by fear or panic. Pray for conversions including politicians.